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Thanks for your interest in advertising on CPAforum.

There are two primary advertising opportunities on CPAforum.

First and foremost are the banner advertisements that run throughout the site. The banners are large format banners that are typically animated using a Flash or GIF file format. The banners are rotated equally among advertisers so your ad would be displayed every seventh time if there were seven advertisers. In addition to the large format banners, each banner advertiser receives a sponsor link below the banner which appears on every page displayed across the site as well as the ability to provide product samples in the samples section. This serves to provide each advertiser with maximum exposure across the site.

The other advertising opportunity is in the CPAforum test prep directory, which provides advertisers with exposure to candidates who are actively looking at, and comparing between, preparation materials and review courses. 

If you have any questions about the advertising opportunities on CPAforum, please contact us to discuss how we can deliver your message to the greatest community of CPA candidates in the world.